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Jake + Karrie

We both grew up on the east side of the US, and that's where our families still live. Over the last ten years, seasonal work, school, and play have taken us to nearly every state in the lower 48. Each time we move, we gather up our modest amount of belongings, pack it into our car and go. This has allowed us to criss-cross the US in every direction, and every time we try to take a different route.


We've hiked, biked, and paddled over 15,000 miles, visited 50+ National Park sites, spent over 2 years' worth of nights sleeping in a tent, and driven across the country dozens of times. We've marked time by these trips, and we are grateful for these formative experiences. 

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How it started

The only thing we love more than exploring beautiful places ourselves is getting other folks out there to do it too, and the two of us have been designing trips for our friends and family for years.

On Your Route came about as our requests for customized trip planning began to expand beyond our immediate circle.

Road trips are naturally full of logistics. We're here to help! This way you can focus on the people, sites, and moments along your trip, and less on the "the how" of getting there. 

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